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Welcome to Frontier Gamblers, the site dedicated to those men and a few women that made their living by the turn of a cardOn this site you will find  information about the games they played, the equipment used in those games and the  gamblers that had the biggest impact on the Old West. Men such as Wyatt Earp, Bat    Masterson and Luke Short and women like Lottie Deno and Big Nose Kate. These were  the days before people had even heard of Texas Holdem, when games such as Faro and  3 Card Monte were played in musty old saloons, as opposed to casinos. By the 1890's  Keno, the forerunner to Bingo was all the rage. Today you can apply your skills and
 knowledge in
online Bingo, an on-line game that is as popular today as Keno was back    in it's day.

 Think of this as a college course where you learn what the life of a gambler was like,    what towns they played in and how their lives ended. After reading this, if a test was  given at the end, you would have chosen Aced Poker to play online poker without a  doubt.
 It's really hard to believe how far gambling has come.  From the one arm bandit, to being  able to gamble on your  home pc, to today, where 
sites like SlotsOnlineCanada.com have  slots which you can play on your phone.

 All of you gamblers out there may get a whole new perspective about gambling, as you  will find out in the history page, gambling was not always as controversial as it is  nowadays, but rather a respectable trade. In fact, the Wild West Texas  Holdem Connection has been particularly overblown. Modern day Americans have plenty of legitimate ways to play holdem for real money,  a far cry from going to saloons and being threatened under the table by unscrupulous gamblers. Those of you who associate gambling with an online casino or a big flashy Vegas hotel may appreciate the days when men and women made gambling their profession and were well known and even admired for it.

Reading through the pages of this website, you will discover many other new and interesting facts, so take off your hat, swing the saloon
doors open and take a step back into the life of a gambler on the old frontier.

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